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Ab Initio is a specialist in Metadata management, data integration & transformation, data lineage, Data Governance, Data Quality, regulatory compliance and related disciplines.
Our software is used by the NHS in the UK, by many healthcare providers around the world, by Governments and by commercial organisations such as banks, retailers, telcos and others.

Ab Initio eliminates the need for manual, bespoke processes to integrate data across different data sets. It enables organisations to view a data item’s lineage and link it to its enterprise vocabulary in the business glossary. It enables you to accurately assess change impact to data items or their definitions and create Metadata stores across different locations and technologies.
Ab Initio enables you to query a data catalogue and view the associated business, data, governance and technical data assets; to identify common data modules across data sets for potential standardisation, and to collaborate on the meaning of business terms and business rules.


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