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CheckWare is a secure, online, assessment solution implemented in clinics and NHS hospitals for patient assessment, data collection, treatment planning, follow-up and measuring outcomes.

Clinicians benefit from automated administration, assessment plans, reminders and notifications.

The system will automatically send notifications to the patient when it is time to complete an assessment and send reminders if the patient has not answered in a given time.

Patients can log into CheckWare on their phone, tablet, or pc to complete the assessment and the results are instantly sent to the clinician.

For real-time assessment –  such as interviews, performance-based tests or medical examinations clinicians simply log into CheckWare on a digital device and can run through the assessment with the patient.

Clinicians can build and modify treatment plans for patients and progress can be tracked over time with patient satisfaction also measured.

For research projects CheckWare can be customised to plan and carry out longitudinal multi-centre studies. CheckWare is adaptable to the design of the study and can automatically send respondents electronic surveys and reminders.

CheckWare has an open and secure API for integration into electronic patient record (EPR) systems and is resident on the NHS N3 network with compliance to NHS IG Toolkit.

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