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Adapting and Innovating: The Future of Healthcare International Summit

13:00 pm
26 Jun, 2021
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Adapting and Innovating: The Future of Healthcare International Summit

The recent pandemic has been an eye-opener, globally, leading to a collaborative human effort and leapfrog in technological innovations and human networking.

As we reflect on the recent pandemic, we have learned to adapt to a new normal. At this conference, we bring together industry leaders who will share their first-hand experience in handling the pandemic and mounting a response to protect the globe.

This fully international session will provide the ideal platform for global healthcare leaders to listen, learn and engage with some of the world’s leading healthcare professionals and network with peers across the globe.

Event key content streams: 

  • Keynote and Jamaican Response to the Pandemic: His Excellency Asif Ahmad, High Commissioner to Jamaica, British High Commission
  • Fighting back session: Vaccination roll out and Post Pandemic Recovery
  • Future forecast and innovation session
  • Human intervention and factors

We are also very excited to be supporting the development of future healthcare leaders via our live and interactive youth leaders panel discussion, this unique session will provide some of the leading pupils from across international schools with an opportunity to ask questions and discuss insights with guest speakers including Her Excellency Harriet Cross, British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, FCDO.

All times below for Adapting and Innovating: The Future of Healthcare International Summit is British Summer Time (BST)

The Agenda


Welcome introduction from Dr Ram Senasi, Chairman of Imperial Medical Solutions.


1:05 pm: Datin Azrene Ahmad LLB, LLM (Human Rights Law), DLKM, DKM, FIPI Master, AICI CIC, CO-FOUNDER, DIRECTOR & DESIGNER at THREE LITTLE AHMADS Harmonising Heritage with Nanotechnology: Unmasking the Journey The recent pandemic threw a curveball that affected every aspect of human society- from businesses to the individual at grass root level. Everyone found himself or herself in a helpless and floundering situation. This session takes you through the journey of how an ordinary citizen with no medical expertise took hold of the hands of the rural community, cultural/ heritage and cottage industries; coupled it with a bit of crazy science to contribute to a nationwide effort of handling issues that arose since the start of the pandemic through thought, observation and R&D. 1:15 pm: Mr Yong Chong Soon, CEO of AG IMS ASIA and President of the Malaysian Autonomous Intelligence and Robotics Association Developing a Technologically Innovative Society Mr Chong Soon Yong will share his experience in developing a technology and innovation non-governmental ecosystem to promote collaboration and new ideas. He will show how synergy of expertise from various industries and academia can propel and advance the adoption of AI, Robotics, drones, and other technologies in Industry 4.0. These will undoubtedly have applications in medical technologies 1:25 pm: Todd Wolynn 1:35 pm: Tim Scannell, Ambassador at Signly Three things your organisation can do to improve health outcomes for Deaf sign language users Tim discusses his personal experience of the everyday barriers he faces to accessing the UKs healthcare system, reveals the shocking impact Covid has had and provides practical advice in the form of three Top Tips to make an immediate impact and improvement.


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A United Front: 2pm: Professor Tan Arulampalam MD FRCR, CEO of IMS and Consultant Surgeon and Visiting Professor at Anglia Ruskin University School of Medicine Post Pandemic Recovery 2:15 PM: Mr Adam Cowen & Dr Lisa Prendergast, Programme Director & Bioscience Project Manager at Biomatics Mobilising at pace in the face of a pandemic. Why Project Management in Bioscience is a lifesaver In March 2020 the covid-19 pandemic hit the UK hard. In the space of a week, everyday life ended abruptly. Shops and businesses closed, people were forced to stay at home, the elderly and vulnerable become isolated, the national health service was thrown into the centre of a storm and had to cope with the growing numbers of patients. The government looked to the bioscience industry for help, not expert advice and guidance, but practical help testing for the virus. Robust project management was at the heart of this work. 2:35 PM: JAMES MILNES, CEO and Founder at Liberty-Labz Biosecurity and Rapid PCR Testing in Moving Forward James has a strong background in Critical and Strategic Asset Protection, Operational Planning, Command and Control, Force Protection, Risk Analysis and Counter Specialist CBRN mitigation and planning. You can read more in Jame’s Bio above. He will share his experience in the development of rapid PCR testing to get us out of this pandemic. 2:50 PM: Seth Toback MD, Vice President, Global Medical Lead Coronavirus Vaccines at Novavax, Inc. Coronavirus vaccines: From Trial to Product A brief discussion on COVID-19 vaccines, clinical studies and how they were brought to market. 3:05 pm: Q&A and panel discussion


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Feeding Curiosity: 3:40 PM: Maaz Rahman, Director at Dynamo Developing Pioneering Healthcare Solutions with a Curious Mindset The power to question is the basis of all human progress.” As human beings, we are naturally hard-wired to ask questions and seek answers. In this talk, Maaz will discuss the benefits of fuelling innovation with a curious mindset and how curiosity has been the fundamental driver for some of the most pioneering new technologies that we see in the world today including ground breaking healthcare solutions. 4:00pm: His Excellency Asif Ahmad, High Commissioner to Jamaica, British High Commission. Health care challenges- the implications of COVID and demands on national health systems Public expectations are rising. Cost burden on national systems. Management systems for pandemics. Expedited research and development. Access to treatment and the role of data and technology. Policy challenges for governments. 4:15 pm: Expert Panel Discussion with Youth Leaders Her Excellency Harriet Cross, British High Commissioner to Trinidad and Tobago, FCDO. Mrs Katelyn Nye (She/Her) General Manager – Mobile X-ray & AI at General Electric Healthcare Datin Azrene Ahmad LLB, LLM (Human Rights Law) Tim Scannell, Ambassador at Signly Other Panelists TBC


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Technology and Innovation: 5:10 PM: Jonathan Elliott, International Director at IMMJ Systems Digital Preparation and Data in a Post Pandemic World In this presentation, we will discuss how healthcare organisations should be digitising legacy paper-based information to enable clinicians to surface information quickly, improve patient care and deliver a better patient experience. Paper-based information is of limited value in the data-driven world we live in today The Covid-19 pandemic has driven a need for Healthcare to move forward with virtual clinics becoming a standard globally Digitising paper-based notes has a significant business benefit Working with a scanning partner to ensure data security and handling of sensitive data Ensuring that you have a ‘viewer’ to view the scanned notes that replicates the paper based process and enables: Data being used to drive predictive analytics and surface key information to support improved patient care 5:20pm: Amy Davis, CCO at Hexarad Why giving back is important for Hexarad Dr Davis will talk about the principles and values in which Hexarad was founded, founding a Scholarship and their work with RadAid. 5:30pm: Jaishree Naidoo, Paediatric Radiologist and CEO of Envisionit Deep AI Developing AI technology and the Role of Female Leadership and Entrepreneurship in Innovation Jaishree is the CEO and co-founder of Envisionit Deep AI which is a medical technology company that utilizes AI to streamline and improve medical imaging diagnosis. Her special area of interest in pattern recognition and deep learning in radiology is driven by her passion for her sub-speciality and the need to positively influence the lives of children by offering sustainable healthcare solutions in Africa. If you consider that Africa has 600 million people under the age of 15 without sufficient access to paediatric diagnostic care and infectious diseases like tuberculosis accounts for 1.7 million deaths globally. Envisionit’s Deep AI platform called RADIFY will assist in early diagnosis and treatment of many infectious diseases thus enabling a more proactive solution and reducing the burden of disease. The vision is for RADIFY to democratize access to diagnostic healthcare globally and especially to those who are most vulnerable. 5:40 pm: Dr Jeremy Russell, Chief Executive Officer at OR Productivity Ltd (Freehand) The role of surgical robotics in emerging economies. Jeremy will share his experience on how the precision and control of robotic surgery can be applied affordably to accelerate the learning curve and the adoption of minimally invasive surgery globally, thereby delivering enhanced patient care with improved patient outcomes. As we enter the post-pandemic stage of recovery, we see how this technology can be economically viable in emerging economies. 5:50 pm: David Taylor eHealth – Lessons Learnt and Forging Ahead A lively discussion on some of the key lessons learned on the back of the COVID-19 pandemic and how we need to forge ahead globally with innovation and technology, like most other non-healthcare sectors. 6:00 pm: Dr Balaji Ganeshan, Medical Imaging Scientist, Inventor & Entrepreneur at University College London Healthcare AI in the emerging Economies Digital health has taken on new significance in the ‘After-COVID” era. Since the advent of the Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) in Radiology two decades ago, significant advancements have been made in the use and adoption of “Quantitative Imaging”, bringing objectivity to assessments that have traditionally relied on subjective qualitative assessment. The application of sophisticated algorithms, translating engineering and software techniques to medical image acquisition and analysis has led to the creation of exciting new areas. “Radiomics” (radiology + omics) enables the extraction of advanced information, more than the human eye can perceive, from routinely acquired exquisite, high-resolution scans. Finally, an increase in the clinical use cases and implementation of “Augmented Intelligence” (AI) in routine clinical practice to make informed decisions “virtually”, facilitating optimal treatment and managing patients in a safe, time-and-cost efficient manner has further enabled radiologists and treating physicians in a COVID environment. I will also discuss how this technology can bring real value to emerging economies.


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Human Angle and Innovation: 6:20pm: Mrs Katelyn Nye (She/Her) General Manager – Mobile X-ray & AI at General Electric Healthcare Innovation by GE Healthcare, brought to the COVID-19 Patient’s Bedside. The COVID-19 pandemic rapidly overwhelmed hospitals with an influx of critically ill patients. Front line workers struggled with constrained resources, such as PPE and medical devices, making it challenging to care for their patients. Join this session to learn how GE Healthcare, an industry leading medical device manufacturer, responded to the crisis, overcoming challenging supply chain and logistics, partnering with governments, non-profits, and industry, while also innovating and launching new Artificial Intelligence technology to help care for patients. 6:30 pm: Ken Catchpole, Endowed Chair in Clinical Practice and Human Factors at Medical University of South Carolina Human Factors Considerations in Human-Technology Integration How systems thinking and human factors engineering can help us to understand the complexities of work and design the right mix of humans and future technologies for optimal safety, performance, and outcomes. 6:40 pm: Mr Ben Tipney, Founder and Managing Director at MedLed. The Human Factors Perspective of the Post Pandemic World Discussing contrasting approaches to risk and patient safety, and what the Covid pandemic has shown us about adaptive responses in complex systems. 6:50 pm: Mr Lee Walker, Managing Director at Walker Business Transformation A Lean Strategy Model in managing resources post-pandemic Making the most of what is right in front of you! 7:00 pm: Mark Bailey, Non-Executive Director & Independent Advisor at Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals, NHS Foundation Trust Championing Digital Transformation in Healthcare Today, almost all parts of our lives have been touched by innovation in technology. Transformed by the advances in computational power and data analytics we all have heightened expectations of digital services. Healthcare is no expectation. New possibilities for prevention, care and treatment. Enabling straightforward digital access to NHS services, helping patients and their carers to manage their health. Similarly enabling clinicians to access and interact with the health records and plans of their patients wherever they may be. Using decision support and artificial intelligence to help clinicians apply best practice, remove variation and with predictive techniques to better plan for the health care needs for their populations. Having operated as a Senior Executive within the Aerospace Industry with Rolls-Royce plc, I serve as a Non-Executive Director on the Board of a large NHS Acute Hospital Trust. Originally from an engineering background, I have a specialist interest in strategic development, business growth and customer service transformation and have led the introduction of innovative digital solutions. Now, as part of my Non-Executive role is to champion the use of digital technology, not for technology’s sake but to make our patients care the safest it can be. To transform the patient experience and that our care practitioners in caring for them. To support and encourage our team in their drive to make this a reality.


Closing Remarks: Dr Ram Senasi, Chairman of Imperial Medical Solutions

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