The Intelligent Patient Portal – A Remarkable Solution

11:00 am
11 Oct, 2023
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The Intelligent Patient Portal – A Remarkable Solution

11:00 am
11 Oct, 2023
Virtual Event: GoTo

The Intelligent Patient Portal – A Remarkable Solution

As part of EBO’s engagement with NHSE, this is the first of two briefings introducing an entirely different approach to the challenge of future proofing patient engagement – the Intelligent Patient Portal - surfaced though the NHS App.

Designed to propel the NHS into a new era of patient-centric and interoperable healthcare delivery, EBO's Intelligent Patient Portal is the answer to the complex challenges faced by the NHS. From managing extensive waiting lists and surging call volumes to reducing patient no-shows (DNAs) and increasing staff capacity, the fusing of interactive, super-intelligent chat bot, with traditional portal functionality is the digital front door to the future of health care. 

With EBO's Intelligent Patient Portal, you're not just adopting a solution; you're embracing a transformative partnership, a connected and shared health economy, dedicated to delivering excellence in patient care and operational effectiveness.

Who will Attend

This session is aimed at:

  • CTO / CIO (plus deputies)
  • CNIO / CCIO (plus deputies)
  • Digital Strategy Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Transformation Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Digital Inclusion Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Patient Experience Manager
  • Quality Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Elective Recovery & Outpatients Transformation Convenzis target audiences.


John Deguara

Chief Operations Officer

Kerry Morgan

Client Success Director

Ron Burdis

Business Consultant

The Agenda



Paul Boland
Healthcare Director
Speaker: Paul Boland


A whistlestop tour of the next generation Intelligent Patient Portal (IPP)

John Deguara
Chief Operations Officer

A whistlestop tour of the next generation Intelligent Patient Portal (IPP)

EBO’s IPP allows you to connect deeply and personally with your patients, serving as a catalyst for nurturing a stronger, more meaningful patient-provider relationship. Its conversational AI enables patients to take an active role in their healthcare journey – allowing them to feel seen, heard, valued and most importantly, informed. An introduction to some of the core pillars of the IPP:

  • Improving patient adoption through AI-enhanced machine learning; adjusting dialogues as needed
  • Contextually sensitivity – how the portal provides patient context throughout use
  • Sentiment analysis offering level of insight on a patient’s health that first generation Patient Portals cannot. Understand how your patients feel (self-assessment), how they think (PROM, PREMS) and provide a general sentiment score.
  • Future-proofing a core solution by configuring bespoke dialogues or sharing your dialogues across your ICB and beyond through an Intelligent Dialogue Marketplace.


The Intelligent Patient Portal within the context of an ICS

Kerry Morgan
Client Success Director
e18 Innovation

Explore how the Intelligent Patient Portal can improve your ICS automation maturity, helping you move from using automation for improving performance to achieving a more comprehensive transformation across your entire system.  By leveraging these automation technologies, you can optimise processes, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve patient care outcomes. 

EBO’s IPP is compatible with various technologies and systems allowing for seamless integration with your Electronic Patient Record (EPR), shared care records and first-generation Patient Engagement Platforms (PEP).  This allows you to access and use patient data from different sources, enabling you to have meaningful conversations with patients to support their care.


Rio Virtual Assistant: The Inclusive solution

Ron Burdis
Business Consultant

The Rio Virtual Assistant, powered by EBO,  is the preferred Intelligent Patient Portal solution for the Rio EPR.  Built on the powerful EBO conversation-based portal platform, the Virtual Assistant opens doors to the future of healthcare by providing a broader reach of inclusivity within the patient community and enables staff involvement, when necessary, to assure a complete end to end engagement.  Where other portal solutions remove the human-touch from digitised pathways, the Virtual Assistant solution restores empathy. Its context awareness ability allows it to fully understand both the content and context of the patient’s query, helping it to manage conversation flows as well as emulate human conversation (including multi-lingual supporting over 100 languages). As a result, the Virtual Assistant can converse with wider audience of patients intelligently, understanding their intents and emotions whilst providing appropriate accurate responses.

To add to the power and intelligence of the Virtual Assistant, the solution is fully integrated within the Rio EPR interacting with key Rio data and functions to automate processes such as appointments handing, referrals, consents and assessments, replacing manual efforts and processes whilst enhancing patient quality of care and providing the clinical staff with the most up to date information about the patient.


Close: Advocates for Change

Here are EBO we do not resist change. We adopt new safe, game-changing, technology that results in better patient outcomes and ultimately better patient health. We continue to drive foreword, creating richer more responsive patient journeys, one patient conversation at a time. It is tried and tested and what’s most exciting – you can be part of it. Start your PEPP journey today.
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What our clients say about us

It was great to join the Convenzis team again for the patient flow event. As always, the team were incredibly accommodating and happy to help. The quality of attendees is always of a high standard and relevant to the patient flow and to us also. We continue to have great discussions and footfall around our stand with no need to try and encourage people to come and see us. Really positive event for us and we look forward to working with Convenzis in the future.

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My colleague and I presented at the NHS workforce conference 2023, 19 September. The support and guidance we received from the Convenzis team in the run up to our presentation slot was great, well timed and perfectly pitched. The event itself, again was expertly organised. The conference was well Chaired by Sean, who was very engaging. As an audience member as well as a panel member, I would definitely work with the Convenzis team again.


Covenzis delivered an excellent meeting like always - a hubbub of activity focused on future developments within NHS pathology laboratories

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Working with Convenzis is a stress-free and a rewarding experience, with fantastic engagement from a highly targeted and relevant audience


I worked with Convenzis, primarily Dan, for the first time this year, putting together a bespoke online event for IBM. He has always been so responsive and accommodating. The team always remained professional and helpful – despite the many demands from our side! They were very keen for us to maximise on the investment and revisit those attendees who had not committed to follow ups.
It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Convenzis and I know there will be more opportunities next year. Looking forward to it!