The Healthcare Workforce Conference North: Building Sustainable NHS Teams

09:00 am
07 Feb, 2024
etc venues Manchester

The Healthcare Workforce Conference North: Building Sustainable NHS Teams

09:00 am
07 Feb, 2024
etc venues Manchester

Delegates Registered

Job titles includes

Director of Education

Director of Midwifery

Director of Operational HR and OD

Director of Workforce

Head of Colleague Experience

Head Of Delivery & Innovation West Midlands Integrated Urgent Care

Head of Education

Head of health and wellbeing

Head of HR

Organisations Involved

Leeds and York NHS Trust

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Eastbourne District General Hospital

North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust

Liverpool NHS Foundation Trust (Aintree Hospital)


The Royal Wolverhampton Trust

Barts Health NHS Trust

Rotherham Doncaster and South Humber NHS Foundation Trust (RDaSH)

NHS England

Current Landscape and Challenges:

The Healthcare workforce has experienced substantial growth in response to the evolving needs of the population, yet persistent vacancies totalling over 112,000 pose significant challenges.

As the NHS strives to implement its Long-Term Workforce Plan, addressing the staffing shortfall and improving patient care remain key challenges. Collaboration between NHS England, Health Education England, and NHS Digital has become pivotal in equipping the NHS to undertake this transformative plan, enhancing its ability to provide sustainable and effective healthcare.

Importance and Timeliness of the Event:

The Healthcare Workforce Conference North serves as a crucial platform for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders to strategise and confront the challenges associated with the Long-Term Workforce Plan. By fostering collaboration, innovative thinking, and knowledge-sharing, the conference aims to fortify the NHS workforce, ensuring improved patient care and sustainable staffing solutions.

Key Content Streams:

  • Long-term Workforce Plan Action: A comprehensive review of the strategic direction and actionable steps at the local, regional, and national levels, emphasising the imperative of training, retention, and reform within the workforce.
  • Workforce Sustainability: Exploring strategies to enhance workforce sustainability by fostering a conducive culture, enhancing retention, revamping training approaches, and maximising productivity.
  • Evolving Challenges and Opportunities: Analysing how the NHS can proactively adapt to the evolving challenges and leverage emerging opportunities, ensuring its readiness to meet the future demands of healthcare.
  • Education and Training Expansion: Delving into action plans aimed at boosting the NHS workforce through expanded education and training initiatives, including scaling up medical school places, augmenting GP speciality training, enhancing nursing training programs, and increasing apprenticeships.

Why Attend:

The Healthcare Workforce Conference North offers a pivotal opportunity for participants to contribute to the advancement of the healthcare industry and the NHS.

This conference serves as a call to action for all stakeholders to collaborate in crafting a sustainable and robust workforce, ultimately leading to enhanced patient care and the achievement of long-term healthcare goals.

Register now to be a part of this transformative journey and contribute to building a better future for healthcare and the NHS workforce.

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The Healthcare Workforce Conference North: Building Sustainable NHS Teams Key Subjects

  • Long-term Workforce Plan Action
  • Workforce Sustainability
  • Evolving Challenges and Opportunities
  • Education and Training Expansion
  • Next Steps for the NHS Workforce

Who will Attend

  • Chairs
  • Chief Executives
  • Chief Nurses/Directors of Nursing
  • Clinical Commissioning Group Members
  • Clinical Directors/Leaders
  • Commercial Directors/Managers
  • Contracts Directors/Managers
  • Director/Heads of Workforce and HR
  • Director/Heads of Operations
  • Directors /Heads of Finance
  • Directors/Heads of Commissioning/Procurement
  • Directors/Heads of Efficiency and Productivity
  • Directors/Heads of Organisational Development
  • Directors/Heads of Patient Engagement
  • Directors/Heads of Policy
  • Directors/Heads of Service Transformation
  • Directors/Heads of Staff Engagement/Training/HR
  • Directors/Heads of Strategy and Transformation
  • Estates and Facilities Directors/Managers
  • Finance Directors
  • Head of Commissioning Support Units
  • Improvement Programme Managers/Directors
  • NHS Trust Directors and Senior Managers
  • Operations/Performance Directors
  • Pharmacy Directors and Heads of Medicines Management
  • Service Improvement Directors

Your Pass Includes....

Your Pass Includes:

  • Multiple live keynote presentations
  • Live examples of both NHS and Commercial best practice
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Refreshments included 
  • Meet the supplier sessions.
  • Networking opportunity
  • Live Q&A sessions with all speakers on the day
  • Drinks receptions (subject to event)
  • CPD accreditation
  • Prize draws

The Agenda



Registration - Open from 9:00 am - Closes at 11:00 am

All delegates must complete their registration process before the 11:00 AM cut-off time. Please arrive in a timely manner to allow for registration and to avoid any inconvenience. Delegates who arrive after the registration deadline will be refused entry to the event.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain the event's schedule and ensuring that everyone can fully participate in the Workforce Conference. If you have any questions or require assistance, our event staff will be available to assist you with the registration process.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to an insightful and productive event together!


Chair Opening Address (Confirmed)

Dr Gurnak Singh Dosanjh
GP and ICB Clinical Lead for Home First
Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland ICB

Chair Opening Address (Confirmed)


Keynote Presentation - Scotland’s Health and Social Care Workforce Strategy: A Work in Progress (Confirmed)

Fiona Hogg
Chief People Officer, Health Workforce
Scottish Government

Scotland’s Health and Social Care Workforce strategy was published in March 2022, much has been delivered, but as we head into 2024, we are facing unprecedented gaps in our finances, increasing demand and the sustainability of our services and our workforce. These are not just issues facing Scotland, but the health and social care system across the UK. Fiona Hogg looks at learnings so far and how we can prepare for our future workforce challenges and opportunities.


Panel Discussion - Prepping the workforce for collaboration with local partners

David Mulligan
Head of Workforce Systems and Deployment
Bolton NHS Foundation Trust
Fiona Hogg
Chief People Officer, Health Workforce
Scottish Government
Uzoma Ibechukwu
Director of Pharmacy
Royal United Hospital Bath NHS Trust

Prepping the workforce for collaboration with local partners

The NHS is moving towards collaborative working in systems, with trusts, primary care, local authorities, emergency services and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors coming together to improve the health population. With a move towards collaboration in local systems, the national bodies are also developing a new operating model, intending to increase workforce devolution to regions.


  • Panellist 1: David Mulligan, Head of Workforce Systems & Deployment, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust (Confirmed)
  • Panellist 2: Uzoma Ibechukwu, Director of Pharmacy & Medicines Optimisation, Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust (Confirmed)
  • Panellist 3: Fiona Hogg, Chief People Officer, NHS Scotland, Scottish Government (Confirmed)


Main Sponsor - Taking care of people – why getting it right matters (Confirmed)

Liz Miller
Operations Manager
Drake Medox

Main Sponsor - Drake Medox

Taking care of people – why getting it right matters (Confirmed)


Morning Break

Morning Break


Chair Morning Reflection (Confirmed)

Dr Gurnak Singh Dosanjh
GP and ICB Clinical Lead for Home First
Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland ICB

Chair Morning Reflection (Confirmed)


Case Study - Train, retain and reform – apprenticeships as a workforce planning strategy to achieving the NHS Long Term Plan (Confirmed)

Professor Lynne Gell
Pro Proctor and Principal Fellow HEA
BPP University
Nichola Hay MBE
Director of Apprenticeship Strategy and Policy

Case Study - BPP

The NHS Long-Term Workforce Plan has three priority areas all of which relate to skills.

  1. Train - increasing education opportunities including delivering more trained nurses
  2. Retain - through better supporting the development of individuals throughout their careers and  
  3. Reform - building broader teams with flexible skills and ensuring staff have the right skills to take advantage of new technology

Apprenticeships are a workforce planning strategy that can support all three agendas; it’s the responsibility of NHS Employers and training providers to work together to further expand apprenticeship provision to aim to train 1 in 6 NHS clinical staff and support the development of emerging data and technology capabilities. This session, delivered by BPP, will explore how the NHS can work towards achieving the NHS Long Term Workforce Plan through the provision of both nursing and digital apprenticeship pathways.


Case Study - The power of collaboration and strategic partnership in meeting your workforce objectives (Confirmed)

Chantel Crabtree
Head of Employment Services
Wirral University Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Dan Chilcott
Client Enablement Director
Patchwork Health
Kim Broadhurst
Head of Retention
Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Foundation Trust

Case Study - Patchwork

In this session, we discuss how collaboration is enabling seamless workforce deployment across multiple organisations. We will also look into how strategic partnerships between suppliers and customers are supporting delivery against workforce plans.


Keynote Presentation - Supporting Health and Improvement (Confirmed)

Preeti Minhas
Director of Clinical Development
Education for Health

Within this presentation, Preeti will discuss Education for Health and how they are assisting the NHS with training and staff retention.


Case Study - Shaping the future of Work (Confirmed)

Tom Lanigan
Senior Account Executive - Healthcare

Case Study - Workday

Over the past decade the NHS has seen the biggest shake up of how it is structured and works in recent memory whilst also having to deal with increased usage. Alongside this demand for services has increased against a backdrop of even tighter budgets. The most important and valuable asset the NHS has is its people and Tom will discuss how we can help to retain and develop NHS talent.


Networking and Lunch

Networking and Lunch


Chair Afternoon (Confirmed)

Dr Gurnak Singh Dosanjh
GP and ICB Clinical Lead for Home First
Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland ICB

Chair Afternoon (Confirmed)


Explore how an effective commercial strategy can help you manage risk and achieve your workforce policy objectives

Will Laing
Operations Director
NHS Workforce Alliance

NHS Workforce Alliance

The key theme of the presentation is the critical role commercial thinking and practice can play in the development and execution of workforce strategies.

It is set in the context of both national policy and local NHS practice and outlines clear and specific operational interventions that have a proven track record of improving value and outcomes.

The talk will end with a summary of the NHS Workforce Alliance for the benefit of delegates who may wish to know more about how we can help.


Case Study - Scaling and Digitisation of People Services (Confirmed)

Amber Kennard
Partner, Deloitte Health Consulting

This session explores the benefits of scaling and digitisation of people services - improving employee experience and returning time to patient care as well as driving significant efficiencies.

We showcase some of the technology solutions which are enabling these benefits for NHS organisations and walk through a typical scaling and digitisation journey.


Case Study - NHS Business Services Authority – digital transformation programme, developing a future NHS workforce management solution (Confirmed)

Gordon Coyne
Director of NHS Workforce Services Transformation
ESR Transformation Senior Responsible Officer

Case Study - NHS Business Services Authority

Over the past two years, the NHS Business Services Authority has been leading a transformation programme to deliver a brand-new, workforce management solution that will eventually replace the current Electronic Staff Record (ESR) system. 

Work has been ongoing to establish the requirements for the future solution, including extensive user research. The design of the future solution will be centred around user-led requirements and based on the latest technology.

Gordon Coyne will reflect on the progress to date by the programme and discuss plans for the future solution. 


Keynote Presentation - The Sustainable Workforce of the Future – Do Generations Z and Alpha have the solution? (Confirmed)

Chris Sleight
Chief Officer - Greater Manchester Imaging & Pathology Networks -
Greater Manchester Provider Federation Board

The world’s population is increasing at a dramatic rate. Since the turn of the millennium, the world population has increased by 33%. This growth is set to continue for the next 80 years. Moreso, the growth is in the over 65 years population with little change predicted to birth rates. By 2100 the life expectancy in the UK is predicted to increase to over 90 years of age. 

The healthcare needs of the UK population are already increasing with an increasing percentage of over sixty-fives, whilst the percentage of the population at an employable age is reducing.

Chris will look at the attitudes of Generation Z and Generation Alpha and ask what we need to be aware of and what we need to do now to ensure we can create a workforce for the future with the skills, incentives, capacity, and capability of sustaining and providing high-quality services to an increasing population.


Cross-Sector Analysis Session - Navigating and Nurturing our Workforce Stars: Multi-Sector Lessons in Belonging. From Aerospace, Aviation, Infrastructure, Transport and Startups - What can we learn from other sectors? (Confirmed)

Shireen Ali-Khan
Engagement Specialist, STEAM, Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Advisor

Join us for a captivating presentation from Shireen Ali-Khan, Multi-Sector Engagement and Belonging Specialist. Sharing insights from NASA and the space agency's commitment to fostering an inclusive environment amongst other industry lessons.

Explore the parallels between NASA's diverse workforce and the challenges faced by the NHS senior workforce managers and team leaders. 

Discover cross-sector learnings that transcend boundaries and inspire a collective journey towards building a more inclusive and innovative future.


Canapés, Drinks and Networking

Canapés, Drinks and Networking


End of day

End of day

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