Jenny Saunders, Chronic Disease Nurse for Mersey Care Secure Division

Jenny Saunders, Chronic Disease Nurse, are employed at Mersey Care Secure Division. They work with patients who have a severe Mental Health Diagnosis which increases risk of co-morbidities. Over the last 12months they have teamed up to drive forward improvements in the physical Health Care of their patients.

The Obesity Strategy, Diabetes Education , Joint Weight Management and Diabetes Prevention clinics and the Fitter programme are collaborative initiatives pivotal towards supporting patients with their health.

Their joint clinics are proving popular amongst patients and the specific health parameters that they are measuring are showing some improvement.

Working in a secure environment is challenging at times but also has its rewards and Laura and Jenny strive to improve the care and support offered to patients. They empower patients to understand the importance of looking after their health, their need to deliver the highest quality care that is equal to care offered outside of a secure environment. They collaborate with members of the MDT to assist them in their work and engage and motivate patients to make improvements no matter how small to their lifestyles. They demonstrate in their work the Mersey Care Values.