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The STeALTH® sensor pad for fall risk bed exit notifications is the only sensor pad that goes on the bed pan, under the mattress.

Because it is under the mattress it is away from infection risks, skin tears and patient discomfort.  

The STeALTH ® available only from TurunUK, Ltd is a breakthrough solution for fall risk reduction that saves significant amounts of nursing time and frustration,

STeALTH® utilizes algorithms to tare the mattress or cushion, calibrating the pad in an instant, before a patient is positioned on the bed or chair... providing more reliable monitoring without uncomfortable vinyl proximity with the patient's skin.

All other sensor pads, that is all conventional legacy pads, require placement on top of the mattress. 

The STeALTH® pad fits discreetly underneath almost any mattress, including alternating air bed surfaces, without affecting pressure reduction properties. This placement capability shields the pad from contaminants, reduces the likelihood of slippage and false alarms, and minimizes the need for repositioning, cleaning, and disinfecting the pad — common nursing time wasters familiar to users with legacy systems.

A companion pad to the bed pad is available for chair placement. 

Contact TurunUK now to learn how you can try a STeALTH® sensor pad at no cost, a product designed to reduce false alarms and materially minimize nursing intervention times. Remember, STeALTH® Pads'  advanced sensor technology beneath the mattress, can improve nurse time efficiency, patient safety and can lower cost.

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