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Tusker, the Car Benefit people

cpc in partnership with tusker

Tusker, the Car Benefit people, are thrilled that once again they have retained the NOE CPC
framework, following another successful tender.

Tusker, who have worked with NOE CPC for the past 8 years, now have over 16,000 cars ordered
on the framework, as part of their award-winning benefit. The scheme is currently available for over
300,000 employees at a quarter of NHS Trusts and a third of Ambulance Services up and down the
UK as well as numerous Police Forces, Fire Services, Education, Councils, Housing Associations and
Arms Reach organisations.

The Car Benefit Scheme provides employees of public and private sector organisations with the
opportunity to drive a brand new car, complete with insurance, road tax, tyres, breakdown cover,
servicing and maintenance, for a fixed monthly amount. In addition, Tusker work with NOE CPC to
provide a range of Essential User Car Schemes for organisations, delivering the flexibility to replicate
individual car policies based on variable allowances.

It’s great for employers and employees alike. Many NHS Trusts have found the addition of the Car
Benefit Scheme has had a huge impact on the retention of key staff. For example, during the last 18
months, London Ambulance Service has seen employee turnover reduce from 14.5%, to almost half,
at 8.1%, and this is expected to continue to fall as more employees take up the scheme.

Fiona Lee, HR Manager for NUTH agrees: “We’ve experienced increased engagement and retention
with the Car Benefit Scheme, which has a 10% take-up rate from our 14,000 staff. It’s a great
reflection of the value of this benefit for our employees.”

It can also provide peace of mind for shift workers. Greg Masters, Senior HR Manager for the London
Ambulance Service comments, “With the majority of our staff working shifts that may finish after
most public transport had ceased, the offer to staff of a fully maintained, brand new car of their
choosing and under a financially advantageous scheme, was considered as a high priority in tackling
the staff retention issues we were experiencing.”

Paul Gilshan, CEO at Tusker, comments, “We’re thrilled that we have successfully retained the NOE
CPC tender which is a key framework for us in providing the Car Benefit Scheme to NHS Trusts and
Public Sector organisations across the UK. We’re looking forward to continuing to provide the service
to thousands of employees for the next four years, and beyond.”

Julian Clarke, Head of Fleet Services for NOE CPC adds, “Tusker continue to provide a valued benefit
for organisations across the country, so they were the right choice for the framework. We hope that
more of our members will provide this valued benefit to their employees in the coming years.”
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