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EBO is an international AI and automation expert enabling NHS Trusts to engage their patients at scale, improving productivity and delivering better patient outcomes. With 10 million automated conversations handled by our AI-supported Virtual Assistants, EBO is at the forefront of healthtech innovation. This figure is growing by an average of 20,000 personalised conversations per day, adding rich data and greater insight.

By converting forms into natural, automated conversations, EBO provides a more accessible, engaging and efficient way for patients to complete admin needed. Examples of patient-facing processes we are already automating in the NHS:

- Appointment booking
- Patient completed forms including Assessments, PROMS and e-Consent
- Waiting list validation
- e-Referral

Across 11 countries, our global team is comprised of data scientists, productivity consultants and clinical experts all sharing a common purpose around:

- Empowering patient control
- Reducing health inequalities
- Prioritising clinical need
- Providing real world data to assist with future planning

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