Is AI the key to unlocking the digital potential for patient-led Healthcare?

Events for Healthcare

11:00 am
14 Jun, 2023
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Is AI the key to unlocking the digital potential for patient-led Healthcare?

Events for Healthcare

11:00 am
14 Jun, 2023
Virtual Event: GoTo

With a backdrop of the challenges of waiting list validation and PEPs (Patient Engagement Portals) this compact 2-hour session draws upon experience of how the NHS is taking best practice to create a more personalised patient experience.


Within UK healthcare, the personalised patient journey is a hot topic. The public is well used to being a digital consumer and this does not stop when they become a patient.  The NHS is increasingly working to accelerate a related change by bringing in talent and ideas from outside of healthcare and building internal teams with a specific focus on using technology to improve the patient experience.

Following the event, delegates will be able to access the £10 million EBO Health Skunkworks fund to co-fund a results-based waitlist validation service using super-intelligent chatbot technology.

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Who will Attend

  • CTO / CIO (plus deputies)
  • CNIO / CCIO (plus deputies)
  • Digital Strategy Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Transformation Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Digital Inclusion Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Patient Experience Manager
  • Quality Directors/Heads/Managers
  • Elective Recovery & Outpatients Transformation Convenzis target audiences.

Sponsors & Partners

The programme


The decade when personalised digital technology truly reshapes the healthcare ecosystem.

Dr. Gege Gatt

Fresh from a global project with the World Health Organisation, Gege argues that the journey to personalised care is predicated upon effective patient communications and data insights. Patient choice is driven by inclusivity, accessibility and the augmention of data, enabling contextual actionable information.

This drives health equality. So how do we build that into the system? What are the learnings from other sectors and what can we learn from the NHS Trusts that have already begun investing in the patient personalisation journey?


Digital & Personalised Care: A new relational approach between the NHS and Patients

Ross Fullerton
Chief Information Officer
Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Integrated Care System

Personalised care and digital health are fundamental cornerstones of the future, fit-for-purpose NHS. Digital health enables the development of a new relational approach between the NHS and patients, one that meets their individual needs and maximises their independence, choice, control, good health, and wellbeing.

Ross will take us through the digital vision of the Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire and Berkshire West Integrated Care Board. What digital tools do we need to ensure that digital transformation ambitions are met?


A real world example: Automating waiting list validation

Sharon Ersser
Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
Planned Care RTT Validation Lead
Danielle Edwards
Transformation Lead- Digitising Patient Access to Care

Exploring the first steps of a real-world automation project in waiting list validation. How do you get started? What’s important to consider and plan when introducing technology? What elements to consider when choosing a digital partner.

The session will present key learnings and insights from the work carried out at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board. In particular: building a phased approach to implementation, defining benefits realisation from the start, identifying where new technology should be integrated within the digital journey and the patient pathway, initial pilot results as well as next steps planned for the project.


Exploring an actionable framework for AI maturity in the NHS

Katie Tucker
Senior Innovation Consultant
Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

This session will present how NHS Trusts can evaluate their organisational readiness to adopt innovative technologies and what it takes to make the go/no go decision and subsequent implementation of AI projects a success. With a backdrop of the work carried out at the Royal Free, Katie will present key learnings including; how decisions to go to pilot were achieved, goals were established, technology and data architecture defined, and the importance of communication with key stakeholders. She will explore how stakeholders were engaged, especially in a new and complex field. How did the Trust work to initiate digital transformation at a service level and explore the complexities of identifying and realising benefits in a complex system such as healthcare. 


Example AI projects that can be co-funded by EBO Health Skunkworks

Dr. Gege Gatt

An accessible, effective digital patient communications platform that utilises AI to orchestrate patient communications, patient data collection, analysis and insights can form the backbone in the delivery of personalised care.

EBO has launched a £10M innovation fund to support the implementation of conversational AI as part of a personalisation approach and is inviting NHS and ICS organisations to apply.

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