NHS Pathology Conference North 2023

08:00 am
07 Feb, 2023
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NHS Pathology Conference North 2023

The Convenzis NHS Pathology Conference provides a timely and high-value platform for NHS Pathology managers and leaders to share best practices and practical insights from across the UK, we are very excited to take the event in person.

“Consolidating pathology services allows for the most consistent, clinically appropriate turnaround times, ensuring the right test is available at the right time. It makes better use of our highly skilled workforce to deliver improved, earlier diagnostic services supporting better patient outcomes. Taking a hub and spoke approach to this consolidation can ensure an appropriate critical mass to support specialist diagnostics, so that patients have equal access to key tests, and services are sustainable.” Professor Adrian Newland, Specialist Clinical Advisor and Chair of the National Pathology Implementation and Optimisation Delivery Board.

Since 2017, 29 pathology networks have been developed to help drive out unwarranted variation and spearhead the transformation of pathology services across the country. Following this, NHS England and Improvement widened to use these networks as a key enabler of ambitions outlined in the Long-Term Plan.

The Convenzis Pathology Transformation Conference aims to provide a timely platform for the NHS pathology community to meet up, share practical insights and listen to sector-leading professionals, with the ultimate aim of empowering pathology providers to keep a foot on the pedal of innovation and integration.

Join us at the NHS Pathology Conference 2023 as we take a closer look at the current state of play across the UK pathology community and open the debate on the key issues facing the sector to date.

As with all Convenzis events, we are very proud to support the NHS and provide this exclusive conference at no cost to the sector.

If you are a pathology expert or leader then you can register for free today.

Research sources for NHS Pathology Conference 2022: NHSE/I

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NHS Pathology Conference North 2023 Key Subjects

Working closely with national policymakers, we have identified 6 key areas of focus:

  • Pathology networks: review and best practice sharing
  • Networking and collaboration
  • Modernisation – Digitalisation
  • Standardising of coding
  • Governance
  • Pathology: Underpinning elective care transformation
  • How pathology services are involving themselves in community diagnostic hubs and patient testing at home.

Who will Attend

  • CEO’s
  • Consultant Pathologists – across all specialities
  • CTO’s
  • Haematologists
  • Heads of IT
  • Heads of Pathology
  • Heads/Directors of Diagnostic Services
  • Heads/Directors of Pathology Services
  • Heads/Directors of Transformation
  • Heads/Managers of Laboratory Services
  • Histopathologists
  • Senior Pathologists
  • Anatomical Pathologists

Your Pass Includes....

Your Pass Includes:

  • Multiple live keynote presentations
  • Live examples of both NHS and Commercial best practice
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Refreshments included 
  • Meet the supplier sessions.
  • Networking opportunity
  • Live Q&A sessions with all speakers on the day
  • Drinks receptions (subject to event)
  • CPD accreditation
  • Prize draws

Sponsors & Partners

The Agenda


Registration, Networking & Breakfast

Registration, Networking & Breakfast


Chairs Opening Address

Chris Sleight
Chief Officer - Greater Manchester Imaging & Pathology Networks -
Greater Manchester Provider Federation Board
Chairs Opening Address


Greater Manchester Pathway to Regional Diagnostics Digital Enterprise Solution including Digital Pathology (Confirmed)

Chris Sleight
Chief Officer - Greater Manchester Imaging & Pathology Networks -
Greater Manchester Provider Federation Board
The presentation describes the Greater Manchester journey to procuring a single instance Diagnostics Digital Enterprise Solution; the lessons learned from the experience, and from these some views from GM as to how we would recommend a network procurement may be best approached. The Presentation also includes specifically the digital pathology “Phase1” approach for a unified system across the GM Pathology Network, our experiences to date, and our planned next steps.


The Pathology Portal: a new approach to pathology education

Dr Neil Ralph
Head of Technology Enhanced Learning
NHS England
Dr Matthew Clarke
NIHR Clinical Lecturer – Diagnostic Neuropathology (ST4)
National Hospital for Neurology & Neurosurgery (UCLH) / Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)

This presentation will describe a collaboration between the Royal College of Pathology and Health Education England’s Technology Enhanced Learning team to build a digital approach to pathology education to support those in practice and in training.


Pathologists with their Heads in the Cloud; Moving Diagnoses Online

Nick Bills
Healthcare Laboratory Director
Source LDPath
  • A cloud-based approach through implementation of digital pathology with potential for the introduction of an AI capability holds the promise of overcoming challenges faced by many departments.
  • Workforce shortages, reliance on courier networks, risks of slide breakages, and the need to increase efficiencies in diagnostic delivery, not to mention the long-standing reliance on unnecessary packaging.
  • Join us for a lively discussion of introducing digitalisation, streamed workflow, local system interfacing, data storage and administrative support - all of which contribute toward massive improvements to patient experience and safety, reduced turnaround times and a reduction in environmental impact.


Q&A Panel

Q&A Panel


Morning Break, Networking & Refreshments

Morning Break, Networking & Refreshments


Chairs Morning Reflection

Chris Sleight
Chief Officer - Greater Manchester Imaging & Pathology Networks -
Greater Manchester Provider Federation Board
Chairs Morning Reflection


A Remote Digital Sub-Speciality Diagnostic Service

Prof. Runjan Chetty
Chief Medical Officer
  • The shortage of clinical pathologists and the challenges it poses for pathology services.
  • The impacts of this shortage on patients, including treatment delays
  • How Diagnexia, a digital pathology service that aims to address these challenges by providing access to high-quality subspecialty services and reducing backlogs through a network of expert diagnostic pathologists


Lab Transformation beyond Technology

Matthew Collingridge
General Manager, Performance Partnerships Europe, Beckman Coulter Diagnostics
Beckman Coulter UK Ltd

Case Study (Beckman Coutler)

Lab Transformation beyond Technology



The Welsh Laboratory Information Management System (WLIMS): Background, Enhancement and Performance (Confirmed)

Dr Naveen Madhavan
Senior Product Specialist (Pathology)
Digital Health and Care Wales
This presentation will provide an overview of the Welsh Laboratory Information Management System (WLIMS), it’s significant upgrade to enhanced software and its current operational performance.


Generating Flawless Slides For Digital Pathology

Matthew Cashmore
Digital Pathology and AI Specialist

Digital pathology is a sub-field of pathology that focuses on data management based on information generated from digitized specimen slides. Glass slides are converted into digital slides that can be viewed, managed, shared and analyzed on a computer monitor. The conversion to digital pathology requires careful preparation of the pre-analytical processes.

Tissue preparation, embedding, sectioning and staining must be optimal in order to achieve high quality scans. High quality images can be only generated from optimized Digital Ready Slides.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the key characteristics of Digital Ready Slides
  • Demonstrate the impact of tissue preparation steps on scan quality
  • Slide inspection, scanning and quality control


Q&A Panel

Q&A Panel


Networking and Lunch

Networking and Lunch


Chairs Afternoon Address

Chris Sleight
Chief Officer - Greater Manchester Imaging & Pathology Networks -
Greater Manchester Provider Federation Board
Chairs Afternoon Address


Assisting Pathologist in saving human lives with AI

Darshan Kumar
PhD Customer Success Manager
Aiforia Technologies

Case Study (Aiforia Technologies)


North West London Pathology – Our Journey thus far, but what does the future hold? (Confirmed)

Saghar Missaghian-Cully
Managing Director
North West London Pathology
The presentation will focus on the Transformation Journey of NWLP and then focus on the future dynamics and requirements to ‘change the conversation’ on the value the laboratory plays in the wider health economy.


Why a colour workflow is important in Digital Pathology

Dave Hadden
Head of Solutions
  • Optimal resolution and screen size
  • Uniformity
  • Colour and tonal consistency
  • Brightness
  • The QC software and calibration


Improving patient outcomes through Digital Pathology

Jonathan Bridges

With traditional imaging and pathology workflows typically taking two weeks, from sample collection and preparation to diagnosis, we pose the question; how can we help? When we also consider the numerous other challenges currently facing the healthcare sector, including the immense pressure on staffing, the need for support and change is clear.

Through the implementation of new, innovative technologies, these workflows can be streamlined and condensed down to a number of hours, dramatically improving patient care and outcomes. Join our session to hear our CIO, Jonathan Bridges, discuss more about our initiative for the National Pathology Imaging Cooperative. They will delve into how bringing clinical, radiologic, and genomic data into the Cloud enables organisations to optimise patient outcomes and enable more effective collaboration between healthcare professionals, wherever they are located. 


Q&A Panel

Q&A Panel


Modernising Pathology Services: Panel discussion

Saghar Missaghian-Cully
Managing Director
North West London Pathology
Mark Hindle
Managing Director Lancashire and South Cumbria Pathology service
Lancashire and South Cumbria
Chris Sleight
Chief Officer - Greater Manchester Imaging & Pathology Networks -
Greater Manchester Provider Federation Board

Modernising Pathology Services: Panel discussion

Hosted by: Mr Chris Sleight, Greater Manchester Clinical Support Services Director

  • Mark Hindle, Managing Director Lancashire and South Cumbria Pathology service, Lancashire and South Cumbria
  • Saghar Missaghian-Cully, Managing Director,North West London Pathology


Drinks Reception, Networking and End of Day

Drinks Reception, Networking and End of Day

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Convenzis Healthcare Event testimonials

What our clients say about us

It was great to join the Convenzis team again for the patient flow event. As always, the team were incredibly accommodating and happy to help. The quality of attendees is always of a high standard and relevant to the patient flow and to us also. We continue to have great discussions and footfall around our stand with no need to try and encourage people to come and see us. Really positive event for us and we look forward to working with Convenzis in the future.

Catalyst BI -

My colleague and I presented at the NHS workforce conference 2023, 19 September. The support and guidance we received from the Convenzis team in the run up to our presentation slot was great, well timed and perfectly pitched. The event itself, again was expertly organised. The conference was well Chaired by Sean, who was very engaging. As an audience member as well as a panel member, I would definitely work with the Convenzis team again.


Covenzis delivered an excellent meeting like always - a hubbub of activity focused on future developments within NHS pathology laboratories

Source LDPath -

Working with Convenzis is a stress-free and a rewarding experience, with fantastic engagement from a highly targeted and relevant audience


I worked with Convenzis, primarily Dan, for the first time this year, putting together a bespoke online event for IBM. He has always been so responsive and accommodating. The team always remained professional and helpful – despite the many demands from our side! They were very keen for us to maximise on the investment and revisit those attendees who had not committed to follow ups.
It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Convenzis and I know there will be more opportunities next year. Looking forward to it!