PRSB: Navigating the data frontier - Revolutionising health and care through data

Technology & Innovation

09:00 am
20 Jun, 2024
15 Hatfields Conference Centre, London SE1 8DJ

PRSB: Navigating the data frontier - Revolutionising health and care through data

Technology & Innovation

09:00 am
20 Jun, 2024
15 Hatfields Conference Centre, London SE1 8DJ

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Organisations Involved

Health Innovation Network

East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust

West Midlands Operational Delivery Network

London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust

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Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

NHS England

Venue Location - 15 Hatfields Conference Centre, London SE1 8DJ

Current Landscape:

In today's rapidly evolving digital health and care landscape, data has become the cornerstone of innovation, driving improvements in patient outcomes, care delivery, and system efficiency.

However, realising high quality care needs high quality data and that can only come from high quality, robust, evidence-based data standards.

As the health and care sector navigates the complexities of digital transformation, the need for collaboration and dialogue to revolutionise care through data has never been more urgent.

Timeliness of the Event:

Hosted by the Professional Record Standards Body (PRSB), this conference on 20 June 2024 serves as a strategic platform for industry leaders, policymakers, health and care professionals, and technology innovators to convene and address the critical challenges and opportunities in digital health and care interoperability.

Against the backdrop of the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill and the Federated Data Platform ongoing efforts to redefine digital standards in health and care, this summit offers a timely opportunity to shape the future of healthcare data management and delivery.

Key Content Topics:

  • Federated Data, unlocking the potential: Hear about the federated data platform model pilots, and learn about the experiences and outcomes so far. 
  • Data is Care, transforming diabetes care through data: Hear from clinicians and people about how data standards are transforming diabetes care and research.
  • Collaborative models of working: Participate in discussions on the evolving landscape of data standards, including the changing role legislation and enforcement will have on the sector. How digital solutions and health and care providers can implement standards together for success.
  • Patient-Centric Care Delivery: Discover how digital technologies and interoperable care planning systems are enabling patient-centred care models, empowering individuals to actively participate in their healthcare journey and improving overall health outcomes. 

Why Attend:

  • Gain actionable insights from industry experts, thought leaders, and policymakers on the latest advancements and best practices in digital health and care and data sharing.
  • Network with peers, stakeholders, and innovators from across the health and care ecosystem, fostering collaboration and partnership opportunities.
  • Stay ahead of regulatory developments, and understand the implications for digital standards conformance, and innovation in health and care.
  • Explore practical strategies for improving data quality, leveraging data standards and working collaboratively to drive innovation, improve outcomes, and revolutionise care delivery through data.

Join us to be at the forefront of shaping the future of health and care.

Key Subjects

  • Federated Data, unlocking the potential
  • Data is Care, transforming diabetes care through data
  • Collaborative models of working
  • Patient-Centric Care Delivery

Who will Attend

  • Chief Information Officers
  • Chief Clinical Information Officers
  • Health and social care systems suppliers
  • Researchers
  • Directors of Digital and Data/Transformation
  • Health and care integration leads
  • Integrated care system leads
  • Digital transformation leads

Sponsors & Partners

The programme


Registration, Networking & Exhibition

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Welcome from the PRSB

Chris Graham

Chris Graham, Non-Executive Director, PRSB


Keynote - The power of data to transform care and health

Professor Vic Rayner OBE

Confirmed to speak:

  • Professor Vic Rayner OBE, CEO, National Care Forum

Integrating health and social care data gives us the opportunity to change the narrative. We can be proactive and tackle challenges through new insights, and an increasingly rich understanding of which models of care and interventions deliver the best outcomes for people. Hear about the power of data to transform outcomes for individuals and communities, and why data standards must be co-designed if we are to maximise integration and harmonisation.


From silos to synergy: unlocking the potential of federated data

Bruno Botelho

Confirmed To Speak:

  • Bruno Botelho, Deputy COO & Director of Digital Operations at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

By moving from silos to synergy, organizations can fully leverage their data assets to achieve their strategic goals.  Unlocking the potential of federated data is crucical, in enabling organizations to break down barriers, improve data quality and consistency, enhance analytics and increase efficiency. It can also improve timeliness of data, privacy and security. Federated data is hugely significant and positive for the populations we serve and supports the entire ecosystem, in providing better patient outcomes. 


Fireside chat - Innovation through standardisation: success stories from social care

Rebecca Hughes
Katie Thorn
Carrie Taylor
Professor Vic Rayner OBE

Confirmed to speak:

  • Rebecca Hughes, Director of Partner Solutions, The PRSB
  • Katie Thorn, Project Lead, Digital Care Hub
  • Carrie Taylor, Clinical Lead and Safety Officer, Nourish Care
  • Professor Vic Rayner OBE, CEO, National Care Forum

Becky, Carrie, Katie and Vic in conversation about how digital social care records have advanced at pace, the benefits to the sector and people using services – and importantly, the lessons health can learn from trailblazers in social care especially in light of forthcoming legislation, which will mandate standards onto IT system suppliers as well as providers of health and care services. 


Break and Networking

Coffee, Exhibition and Networking


Bridging the information gap and reducing friction across health, social care and beyond

Jardine Barrington Cook
Director of Integrated Care
The Access Group
Laura Thompson
Head of Marketing
Access Group

Case Study - Access HSC

A practical look at how we can make interoperable systems, and display complex information in a way that is quick and easy to understand, helping busy staff deliver the best care. How this can benefit both users and citizens, giving dynamic, actionable insights and removing barriers within day to day processes.


Transforming diabetes care through data - a model for care and research in long-term conditions

Dr Neel Basudev
Maddie Julian

Confirmed to speak:

  • Dr Neel Basudev, Clinical Director for Diabetes at the Health Innovation Network (South London) & Lead for Out Of Hospital Care for the London Diabetes Clinical Network

  • Maddie Julian, Cofounder/CEO, DigiBete

An overview of the pivotal importance of data and data standards in diabetes care, using gestational diabetes as an exemplar. Presenting the case for better recognition and management, alongside improvement work happening in South London.


Panel - Navigating the digital frontier: closing the gap between potential and practice

Bruno Botelho
Dr Neel Basudev
Doreen Tembo
Claire Sutton
Oliver Lake
Jocelyn Palmer
Oliver Lake, Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer, The PRSB, to host panel
Confirmed to speak:
  • Bruno Botelho, Deputy COO & Director of Digital Operations at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Neel Basudev, Clinical Director for Diabetes at the Health Innovation Network (South London) & Lead for Out Of Hospital Care for the London Diabetes Clinical Network
  • Doreen Tembo, Head of Public Involvement and Engagement, HDRUK
  • Claire Sutton, Non executive director, The PRSB, Transformational lead for the independent health and social care sector, Royal College of Nursing, Co-opted council member at the Faculty of Clinical Informatics
  • Jocelyn Palmer, Programme Director, OneLondon


Lunch & Networking

Lunch & Networking


Why improving clinical system usability is fundamental for NHS survival

Thomas Webb

Confirmed to speak:

  • Thomas Webb, Founder and CEO, Ethical Healthcare

The NHS desperately needs to improve productivity, and yet we also know that clinical systems, the primary tools that clinicians use all day every day, are not done well. There is a huge opportunity to improve efficiency, reduce burnout and improve clinical safety through improving usability of clinical systems. And the good news is that we know exactly how to do it.


Improving lives through coordinated care

Hannah Gill

Confirmed to speak: 

  • Paul Targett, Director, Riviam
  • Hannah Gill, Senior Adviser, Local Government Association

Exploring best practice in care coordination across health and care, including - Bath and North East Somerset's community wellbeing hub, through which hospital staff make patient referrals using a single online checklist to multiple community, housing and third sector providers; and track the delivery status of their discharge dependent referrals using a Care Control Dashboard, providing joined up care to meet a person's needs, however complex - The Local Government Association's work to support digital transformation in social care.


Personalised care standards: placing people at the heart of data-driven care - how to implement and what happens when you do

Dr Nilesh Bharakhada
Samantha Bergin Goncalves
Confirmed to speak:
  • Dr Nilesh Bharakhada, Executive Clinical Director, PRSB
  • Samantha Bergin Goncalves, Parent Carer / Patient Representative

Presenting an overview of personalised care standards: - delivering better outcomes through the marrying of data with something personally meaningful for the patient. - a system perspective on efforts to support personalised care and support planning across different platforms to get to the vision of share-care planning across multiple care settings. - the life-changing impact of the right information available at the right time to the right person.


Getting the basics right: the primary/secondary care interface and transfers of care

David Hancock

Confirmed to Speak:

  • Ian Townend, Deputy Director of Technology Strategy, Architecture & Standards (previously Chief Architect and Chief Technology Officer, NHS England)

  • David Hancock, Director and Vendor Co-Chair, INTEROPen

The sharing of information between primary and secondary care, and all points of care delivery is vital to improve patient care, reduce costs and increase productivity.  Everyone knows this so why is it so difficult to achieve? 


The workforce information model: harnessing the power of integration and insight from your workforce data

Charlie McCay
Nick Armitage
  • Nick Armitage, Strategic Lead for Data and Insights: Research, Evaluation and Insights, Workforce, Training and Education, NHS England
  • Charlie McCay, PRSB Advisor

Trusted workforce data standards are fundamental to our ambitions for workforce productivity and the need for greater data driven decision making. Hear about work across England to support the roll out of the Digital Staff Passport, the NHS Staff App and Federated Data Platform (FDP) which focuses on driving interoperability across workforce systems and improvements for staff and patients. 


Panel - Revolutionising health and care through data: from insights to impact - what needs to change?

Nicola Hamilton
Lorraine Foley
Dr Afzal Chaudhry
Eleanor Platt
Paola Quattroni
Lorraine Foley, CEO, PRSB to host panel
Confirmed to Speak:
  • Paola Quattroni, Head of Alliance Strategy & Engagement, HDRUK
  • Eleanor Platt, Senior Data Analyst, Digital Health and Care, Scottish Government
  • Lisa Annaly, Head of Analytic Content, CQC
  • Afzal Chaudhry, Non-executive Director, PRSB
  • Nicola Hamilton​​​​, Head of Understanding Patient Data, Understanding Patient Data
Our closing panel, focusing on what needs to change at a larger scale, politically and in policy, to accelerate the revolution in health and care data.


Drinks, Canapes & Exhibition

Drinks, Canapes & Exhibition


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