3rd Healthcare Digital Technology Congress: Digital Tools and Services

The speed in which health technology innovation is evolving is presenting the healthcare system with challenges and some great potential opportunities – and the growth of digital health is no exception

Digital health is rapidly changing the lives of patients and NHS service providers. It is assisting the use of information and patient data, supporting faster diagnosis, streamlining hospital systems, and changing the way patient care is delivered

Our 3rd Annual Healthcare Digital Technology Congress will provide you with a unique opportunity to listen, learn & engage with some of the key drivers of Digital Healthcare from across the UK.

Key topics:

  • Business Change in the NHS
  • £200million for new IT systems
  • Standards in digital health tools – how could we design what is good enough
  • Transforming Care Through Technology
  • Innovation | Improvement | Impact
  • Digital General Practice

These are exciting times, and we are confident that digital tools and services will transform health and care for the entire country, enabling a culture change from patients relying on their doctor for access to their health information and assistance with even the most straightforward health needs, to a more level exchange. A world where people are empowered to manage their health and wellbeing and get advice on the go whenever and wherever they are.

Join us in on the 25th of June to have your say on the future of Healthcare Digital Technology. Places are minimal so don’t hesitate in contacting us today to confirm your place at the event.

We look forward to meeting you on the day.

*Research sources: National Health executive / NHS Digital

Digital Primary Care Congress: The Information Revolution

digital primary care congress event

Digital systems are the foundation upon which we will build a modern, efficient and responsive health service. Enabling information to flow between care providers within and beyond organisational boundaries, between care providers and patients is a crucial means by which we will achieve a safe, convenient and personalized health and care service.

Join us in February 2019 as we delve into the world of Digital Primary Care. Our Digital Primary Care: The Information Revolution conference has been developed to advise GP Surgery’s and Clinical Commissioning Groups on the current tools in place to help them harness technology and drive efficiency.

Events key tops:

  • Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)
  • GP2GP
  • GP Systems of Choice (GPSOC)
  • NHS Pathways
  • Summary Care Records (SCR)
  • Systems & Service Delivery
  • The GP IT Operating Model
  • Digital Primary Care Maturity Assurance model

How the Digital Primary Care Maturity Assurance Model can benefit General Practice:

  • Demonstrate progress against core GP IT services, as outlined in the GP IT Operating Model assures that CCG’s are meeting the requirements of the GPIT Operating Model in the effective delivery of GP IT services.
  • Identify areas for investment in GP IT services and digital innovations that support delivery of primary care at scale, extended hours/7 days working and changing models of care.
  • Baseline service provision enabled through technology against other general practices/localities to maximize efficiencies Support CQC assessment by providing insight into the use of digital technology within the practice, to help meet patient need and improve delivery of clinical services.
  • Demonstrate progress against GMS/PMS/APMS digital requirements.

How the Digital Primary Care Maturity Assurance Model can benefit CCGs:

  • Support the re-procurement of GP IT service provision via the Lead Provider Framework.
  • Demonstrate progress against the digital requirements outlined within the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework.
  • Inform the development of Local Digital Roadmaps (LDRs) and Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), helping identify areas for further investment.
  • To enable comparison of digital maturity within Primary Care against secondary care, as highlighted in the Digital Maturity Index (DMI) assessment of secondary care.

Places are limited for this event so don’t hesitate in getting your place booked today, we look forward to meeting you on the day.

*Research sources: NHS Digital/ NHS England